Thank you for considering a donation to our campaign.   The effort to bring another voice to Michigan is ongoing.   Funds donated to our campaign are a critical element toward ensuring your voice is heard throughout the 2018 election season.   If you need a Paper Donation Form, you may print one HERE.

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  • If single or cumulative contributions received from the same individual total $100.01 during the election cycle or more, the donor’s occupation, employer and principal place of business (address of employer).

If your contribution is $100.00 or less, please indicated “N.A.”  in the donor’s occupation, employer, and address of employer fields.     While the campaign finds these fields to be offensive on their face, we remain committed to complying with all campaign finance regulations until elected and have the opportunity to change them.

Donations are subject to the individual limits as set forth in the Michigan Campaign Finance Act (MCFA).    As defined in Michigan Compiled Laws 169.252, no one person may contribute more than $6,800.00 to a candidate for Governor.

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