Welcome to the very first campaign for Governor of the newly minted major party – The Libertarian Party of Michigan.    Whereas the LP has been around for a long time – and consistently offering ideas about better government, this is the first time that we have the opportunity to participate in the primary process.

We believe the People of Michigan need and deserve another viewpoint.   For too long, the two older parties and much of the media have driven policies that are detrimental to our long-term health.   And not just the economy – literally to our health as a community and our environment.

Next year, there will be much discussion about issues.    And you’ll see me commenting on Facebook and elsewhere about relevant topics.   But, right now, we need to qualify for the ballot.    To do so, I need your help.

Please consider printing up a petition .    You don’t have to get dozens and dozens (though it’s great if you do).     Ask a few friends and family about the value of having more choices — and better debate.   Let’s face it, when the two older parties square off it often seems more like a shouting match than a debate about our future.

I pledge to not only keep a civil tongue, but to work very hard to provide honest answers to the problems we need to solve.

Are there Libertarian ideas to discuss?   You bet.   And I encourage you to read the platform of our Party.   But, each candidate must decide what are the main issues that make sense.

No. 1:  We need to legalize marijuana.  

Period.   I can almost hear the “there go the Libertarians again” in the media.    Those remarks ignore the enormous cost the drug war has heaped upon our country.    The personal cost borne by young people and very unevenly on people of color is well documented.   People get a negative mark that scars them for life.   It’s time to end it now.

Legalization in Colorado, Washington, and elsewhere means the interest groups and the media can’t lie to you any more about the impacts of legalization.   Many of the problems claimed by the prohibitionists simply did not materialize.

We’re finally breaking the cartels in Mexico and elsewhere, as legalized marijuana is driving them out of the trade.

There are a myriad of other positive effects; redirection of police and judicial resources to serious crime; a reduction in the law enforcement infrastructure – we simply won’t need to pay for as many enforcement tools….from probation to prison.

As for new revenues.   I support diverting no more than 20% of any income derived from legalization (and it should not be taxed any more than any other item) — and that 80% of these revenues go directly back to taxpayers in the form of an equalized tax credit.

No. 2:  It’s time we revisit the idea of Death with Dignity.

Many years ago, this issue was rightly brought into view by Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who courageously fought for the right of individuals to pass from this life on their own terms.     I believe, as do Libertarians generally, that each competent adult individual has an absolute right to decide when and how to die.    Like so many other issues, interest groups and some media have distorted the realities.   Oregon has quietly had a law since 1997.  

I hope people take time to read this report and decide for themselves.

No. 3:  If elected Governor, I’ll stop the misuse of our National Guard.

I will use every available means to prevent the President of the United States from federalizing our National Guard Troops for use in a foreign conflict that has not had a Declaration of War by the United States Congress.

Over many generations, my family has had many members serve in various branches of the military.   My father served in the U.S. Navy….. grandfathers (both) in the U.S. Army.   I have a niece serving now.

I believe that often we’ve been too quick to war.    But, even if the conditions were such that the use of military forces could be considered appropriate — a Governor of this State should do all

Each one of these issues has wider implications for the campaign.   And for solving the problems in our state.    Each has a moral component — and each one can impact other matters as we develop new priorities for our state.

I look forward to working with people of all backgrounds that show good intent.    Let’s make Michigan the place our children and grandchildren want to be and raise their families.    Let’s make Michigan the place business can prosper — but also recognizes the value of the natural beauty of the State we must protect.

Join me.   Get involved.    Let’s talk.

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