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It’s not a slogan – but rather a promise to change the political tone in Michigan.    Check out our campaign video:  Here

Like what has happened in so much of our public life, too often our elections are about personalities, and perceived “sides” of our political divide.

As a candidate for Governor of Michigan, I hope to inspire conversations about solutions.   Many of our problems are not Right/Left, or Conservative/Liberal.   In fact, one of the most important aspects of my campaign is to explain the concepts and ideas behind the Libertarian movement.  Whatever happened to good old-fashion debate?   And respect for competitive ideas?   And civility?    I will do my best to be a candidate of decency and solutions.

I don’t pretend to be the best champion for the Libertarian ideal.  In fact, I hope you’ll evaluate what those ideas might mean to you.   And the best way to do that is to read it for yourself.  You can do that at .  But, I will advocate for common sense and use FACTS instead of merely spouting the Party line.

Here is the immediate challenge.   The Libertarian candidate for President in 2016, Gary Johnson, received enough votes to allow the Libertarian Party to be considered a “major party” for the first time.    This really is quite an achievement – one equaled only a few times since our new Constitution was adopted in 1963.    And each time (the last being the Reform Party in 1996), two years later that Party was unable to maintain their status.

The two older parties don’t like competition.   Maintaining status as a major party is not easy – and that’s why we will be THE FIRST to accomplish that feat this year.

We need your help.   The first step for a major party candidate to become qualified for the ballot for Governor is that they must obtain 15,000 signatures.   But, there are all kinds of special rules about who and where.    Not a big deal for the two old parties, since their nominee will receive over $1 million taxpayer dollars.    They buy the signatures they need.

We’re going to do it differently.   With organization and the help of our citizens, we hope to be the first “3rd party” to qualify for the ballot a year ahead of time.

Why should we succeed when so many have failed?   First and foremost, the public has come to see how many programs and proposals are just a mess right now.   From our schools to our roads – from our increasing stressed environment to an overcrowded and dilapidated prison system – Michigan is falling behind.

Let’s follow Gary Johnson’s simple formula.    First, we should recognize a few truths:

1.   Government tries to do too much.

2.   Many of the things we do now are outdated and need reform.

3.   Small businesses and entrepreneurs drive growth in our State and we make it harder than needed for these job creators to succeed.

With your help, we will join the conversation.   This petition drive will ensure an independent voice – not beholden to either Party or their lobbyists.    Help me take another step toward giving Michigan a competitive 3rd voice.

Let’s Come Together Michigan /  #MichiganLibertyRising

For our families - For our friends - For the Future ............... 


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Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan3 days ago
My friend and fellow Libertarian Ben Schultz asks that someone repost this. Help me make his point by re-posting.

This is a very important issue that affects many families. My personal bio on my website,, covers a lot of history. And while I allude to difficult times, I did not cover in a lot of detail.

I lost my only brother to suicide in 1994. The downstream consequences are still being felt by siblings, children, friends, and others. Those close to the campaign know that I intend to discuss mental health at length....and I'm fortunate to have around me serious people that wish to bring ideas to the front to help Michigan citizens confront crisis and stress.

But right here, right now -- let's make Ben's point that people are listening. Let's do one better. Stop by his post and thank him for getting out there and helping us all THINK about this subject.

Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan6 days ago
Sharing my friend Mark Sanborn's inquiry about voting for any candidate outside the two older parties.
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan2 weeks ago
Well, it's now official. Perhaps the most freedom and rights limiting public official in modern times has announced his run for Governor.

I look forward to my debates against Mr. Schuette. While proclaiming his desire to be the "jobs Governor", he willfully ignores the economic benefits of legalized cannabis (see: .

This is the problem with Schuette and people that think like him. Freedom is a convenient buzz-word to pull out when trying to inspire a vision of ourselves. But, it's hollow when you don't back it up with policies.

Apparently, the jobs he endorses are the kind the government hands out to prison guards, prosecutors, and police who round up low-level drug offenders for their state-sponsored Drug War Industry.

Help me knock this mentality back to to the dark ages. Bill G.
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan2 weeks ago
Good afternoon, everyone. Big opportunity tomorrow -- so, I hope everyone in the Detroit area will listen, if possible.

I should be on during the 8 am hour on the Nolan Finley show on Superstation 910 am.

This is a great chance to explain our views, contrast with our opponents, and reach a wider audience.

You can stream it here:
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan2 weeks ago
Happy Friday, everyone. I hope we're all doing what we can to help and encourage our friends and family in Texas and Florida to persevere during the recent weather difficulties.

Other than traveling throughout the State and working to support our petitioning effort, this has been a good week to pay attention to other matters (like running our small business).

I hope everyone appreciates the reality that we're planning forward -- but, must balance the effort with real life.

Please consider sharing the following so more folks can become familiar with the campaign. My continued thanks to everyone that has filled out the dozens of petitions and donated thousands of dollars toward the effort.

Learn more here:

Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
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