Drop the Cap

Michigan has a spending cap?   Most voters don't know that -- but, taxpayer advocate Richard Headlee's landmark amendment to the Michigan Constitution (Article IX, Section 26) - sets a limit of 9.49% of personal income as the absolute spending limit on our State Government.

The problem is that recent acceleration in spending could make government expansion a key problem down the road.

My "Gelineau Plan" has three key parts:

  1.  "Drop the Cap" from the current 9.49% to 8.55% - a 10% reduction. ----  Since state spending is now hovering around 8.1% - this is not a radical proposal.   But, it is an important proposal to ensure state spending does not revert to the problems we had in the past.
  2. Eliminate the Michigan Strategic Fund.
  3. Legalize marijuana use.

Businesses should hot be subsidized by the taxpayer.    Profitable businesses don't need and should not get taxpayer subsidy.    So-called future businesses should develop their own markets without taxpayer subsidy.

Come Together Michigan

It’s not a slogan – but rather a promise to change the political tone in Michigan.    Check out our campaign video:  Here

Like what has happened in so much of our public life, too often our elections are about personalities, and perceived “sides” of our political divide.

As a candidate for Governor of Michigan, I hope to inspire conversations about solutions.   Many of our problems are not Right/Left, or Conservative/Liberal.   In fact, one of the most important aspects of my campaign is to explain the concepts and ideas behind the Libertarian movement.  Whatever happened to good old-fashion debate?   And respect for competitive ideas?   And civility?    I will do my best to be a candidate of decency and solutions.

I don’t pretend to be the best champion for the Libertarian ideal.  In fact, I hope you’ll evaluate what those ideas might mean to you.   And the best way to do that is to read it for yourself.  You can do that at MichiganLP.org .  But, I will advocate for common sense and use FACTS instead of merely spouting the Party line.

Here is the immediate challenge.   The Libertarian candidate for President in 2016, Gary Johnson, received enough votes to allow the Libertarian Party to be considered a “major party” for the first time.    This really is quite an achievement – one equaled only a few times since our new Constitution was adopted in 1963.    And each time (the last being the Reform Party in 1996), two years later that Party was unable to maintain their status.

The two older parties don’t like competition.   Maintaining status as a major party is not easy – and that’s why we will be THE FIRST to accomplish that feat this year.

We need your help.   The first step for a major party candidate to become qualified for the ballot for Governor is that they must obtain 15,000 signatures.   But, there are all kinds of special rules about who and where.    Not a big deal for the two old parties, since their nominee will receive over $1 million taxpayer dollars.    They buy the signatures they need.

We’re going to do it differently.   With organization and the help of our citizens, we hope to be the first “3rd party” to qualify for the ballot a year ahead of time.

Why should we succeed when so many have failed?   First and foremost, the public has come to see how many programs and proposals are just a mess right now.   From our schools to our roads – from our increasing stressed environment to an overcrowded and dilapidated prison system – Michigan is falling behind.

Let’s follow Gary Johnson’s simple formula.    First, we should recognize a few truths:

1.   Government tries to do too much.

2.   Many of the things we do now are outdated and need reform.

3.   Small businesses and entrepreneurs drive growth in our State and we make it harder than needed for these job creators to succeed.

With your help, we will join the conversation.   This petition drive will ensure an independent voice – not beholden to either Party or their lobbyists.    Help me take another step toward giving Michigan a competitive 3rd voice.

Let’s Come Together Michigan /  #MichiganLibertyRising

For our families - For our friends - For the Future ............... 


Get the petition here....


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You can then download and print the petition.


Proud to have the endorsement of the last three candidates of the Libertarian Party for Governor:

2014 - Mary Buzuma
2010 - Kenneth Proctor
2006 - Gregory Creswell


Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan

I hope you take time to read my personal bio. That can be found here: http://liberty4gov.org/about/
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan3 days ago
Add your voice to the discussion. Click here to see my commentary on the proposed redistricting plan. Bill Ballenger's article and various responses. You can add yours.

Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan4 days ago
Jonn Quigno, This is another example that relates to my favorite movie line -- from "The Patriot". Fictional Benjamin Martin, speaking to leaders in his local community, "you would have me trade one tyrant 3-thousand miles away for 3-thousand tyrants one mile away.

The idea that control and the loss of liberty is sited in a local jurisdiction or that community standards or any such nonsense is a basis for human interaction is revolting.

Peaceful people should be left alone. And my guess is that the trend toward the suburbs will continue. Sure, some companies -- often seduced by crony capitalist incentives, will come to concentrations of people for business opportunities. But high taxes and complicated ordinances that raise the bar for participation will push other outside the city limits.

Apparently, they've not heard of the 4th amendment in Saginaw. I don't believe business that chose not to film their customers should be forced to do so. Some may wish to notify their customers that such a system exists. Either way, I believe it's problematic for the police to demand such evidence without a warrant - and one a judge should not grant without cause.
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan4 days ago
Watching the nonsense on CNN. Why does the NRA bother to come into this situation where no respect is given to answer a question.

Ownership of a weapon is a non-negotiable inalienable right. How can you negotiate with folks that would deny this?

And these symbol-minded people holding up heart-shaped symbols while screaming vitriolic hatred.

These are complicated problems that require dialogue, not grandstanding. Let's talk - not yell at each other.
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan5 days ago
Hi all. There is just a week left to get those petitions in. Get on board our effort to change Michigan.

I'm re-posting our Campaign Kick-off Message. It's been 6 months....and we've brought many more eyes to the campaign. I hope you'll take a couple minutes if you've not seen this.

If you have seen it, please consider posting it to a friend. The clock is ticking to the November election.... and our success depends on each one of us making an effort. Come join the fun! Bill G.

Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Gelineau Campaign Kick-off
Here you go. Take a look. You'll need to change your Title, Description, and Privacy to Public.
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan1 week ago
Well. A great day. After finishing the grocery shopping and stacking a chord of wood with my co-pilot and personal angel Donna AndBill Gelineau, we looked back at our big project today.

Big shout out to Rafael Wolfe, Alan Jones, Jim and Linda Dondero for their full day helping us proof and post our petitions.

Anyone still holding petitions should get them in now. Going to be time to visit the Sec. of State soon. 🙂 Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers that helped make this happen. Bill

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