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It’s not a slogan – but rather a promise to change the political tone in Michigan.    Check out our campaign video:  Here

Like what has happened in so much of our public life, too often our elections are about personalities, and perceived “sides” of our political divide.

As a candidate for Governor of Michigan, I hope to inspire conversations about solutions.   Many of our problems are not Right/Left, or Conservative/Liberal.   In fact, one of the most important aspects of my campaign is to explain the concepts and ideas behind the Libertarian movement.  Whatever happened to good old-fashion debate?   And respect for competitive ideas?   And civility?    I will do my best to be a candidate of decency and solutions.

I don’t pretend to be the best champion for the Libertarian ideal.  In fact, I hope you’ll evaluate what those ideas might mean to you.   And the best way to do that is to read it for yourself.  You can do that at .  But, I will advocate for common sense and use FACTS instead of merely spouting the Party line.

Here is the immediate challenge.   The Libertarian candidate for President in 2016, Gary Johnson, received enough votes to allow the Libertarian Party to be considered a “major party” for the first time.    This really is quite an achievement – one equaled only a few times since our new Constitution was adopted in 1963.    And each time (the last being the Reform Party in 1996), two years later that Party was unable to maintain their status.

The two older parties don’t like competition.   Maintaining status as a major party is not easy – and that’s why we will be THE FIRST to accomplish that feat this year.

We need your help.   The first step for a major party candidate to become qualified for the ballot for Governor is that they must obtain 15,000 signatures.   But, there are all kinds of special rules about who and where.    Not a big deal for the two old parties, since their nominee will receive over $1 million taxpayer dollars.    They buy the signatures they need.

We’re going to do it differently.   With organization and the help of our citizens, we hope to be the first “3rd party” to qualify for the ballot a year ahead of time.

Why should we succeed when so many have failed?   First and foremost, the public has come to see how many programs and proposals are just a mess right now.   From our schools to our roads – from our increasing stressed environment to an overcrowded and dilapidated prison system – Michigan is falling behind.

Let’s follow Gary Johnson’s simple formula.    First, we should recognize a few truths:

1.   Government tries to do too much.

2.   Many of the things we do now are outdated and need reform.

3.   Small businesses and entrepreneurs drive growth in our State and we make it harder than needed for these job creators to succeed.

With your help, we will join the conversation.   This petition drive will ensure an independent voice – not beholden to either Party or their lobbyists.    Help me take another step toward giving Michigan a competitive 3rd voice.

Let’s Come Together Michigan /  #MichiganLibertyRising

For our families - For our friends - For the Future ............... 


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Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan7 days ago
The events in Charlottesville, Virginia should make all of us take pause this morning. As many Michigan citizens are heading out to church, family events, work, and other activities -- I hope this event is in your mind.

It truly speaks to the conflicts that plague our country -- of folks who would use violence to achieve their goals. Remember when we would say that free speech was so important that even if someone advocated something horrible, that we would defend their right to say it?

I despise EVERYTHING about the white-nationalist movement and the KKK. Especially how their rhetoric has sucked young boys to follow them who listen to how they've been denied opportunities and other lies about how the multi-cultural America is "ruining" their country. 100% hogwash.

But, I've also seen how groups like BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) have stifled free speech and used mob mentality to stop discussion of things they oppose. I was Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Michigan when we endorsed the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (which passed in 2006 by a wide margin).

The point being: All of us need to check our anger at the door if we're going to have civil discussion in this country. Can the vast majority of us (the 90%) prevent the crazies on all sides from controlling the conversation?

While I believe we do live in the greatest country in the world...and Michigan being one of the great states in our country, there are many things that need fixed. But, it has more to do with hearts and minds than budgets and laws.

On my way out today..... this was on my mind And I called up a song in my car that has a lot of criticism of us --- and a call to be better. My America is better - and I work to make it better every day. And I think yours is, too.

Take a few minutes to listen to the great Harry Chapin. What Made American Famous?

If it doesn't move you, then you're in the wrong conversation. Please enjoy. Bill G.
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan2 weeks ago
Good morning. Time to focus on opportunities to get petitions signed. Here is a list of the elections taking place tomorrow -- August 8.

If you go to and click on the Petition, remember it must be printed as a legal page.

Thanks to everyone that has already mailed in a page or part of a page!! We need 5.000 people to give us 5 signatures....and we're on the ballot in 2018. Serious issues to debate.....but, we must jump the legal hurdle by getting on the ballot first.

If you want a more serious debate of public policy -- then you can help now by getting those signatures.

Bill Gelineau
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan2 weeks ago
Simple thought for the day.
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan2 weeks ago
Had a great evening last Friday at a forum with my friend Tyler Palmer. You should check out his page - -- consider donating to his campaign to WIN the 93rd for liberty. Some of the best and most practical application of libertarian ideas I've heard in a long time. I hope you consider helping him out. Bill G. #MichiganLibertyRising
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan3 weeks ago
Good afternoon, everyone. The last week has been incredible. Thank you to everyone that has come to the page, like our page, and most importantly -- made connections to the Libertarian platform and share ideas with me.

We note with excitement that we're put up almost 200 "likes" and had over 7000 views of our content. Thank you to everyone that has helped. Let's see if we can double that! I know we can. If everyone who likes us can ask one friend to consider the liberty message, we're there.

But, the mission to start a new conversation with Michigan voters will take more than likes and discussion. We need action. Part of that action is in your hands.

If you believe that the ongoing issues facing our state -- from slow job and wage growth -- to high taxes and regulations -- to an overbearing nanny state when it comes to the use of pot -- then, you can have a stake in the game by helping the Libertarian Party have a voice next year.

Breaking the two-party deadlock requires that we get petitions signed. You can find ours here:

You don't have to be a petition professional. We're counting on lots of people going out and getting a few to help out.

Today we're announcing our 5 x 5,000 project. This is at the heart of what I believe will give Michigan a new voice. Rather than a group of 100 committed activists working day after day to get 250 signatures each..... I'm asking everyone who would like to see more discussion of issues to go get 5 signatures.

Our democracy needs more voices. I'm a big advocate for the Libertarian Party and its values. But, people who have worked with me over the last 25 years know that I've advocated for the inclusion of the Green Party, the Reform Party, and others.

If you really want change -- then step up and help.

We may not agree on every issue -- but, that's true for most people when they look at the D's and R's, too. Our team is fighting to ensure the Libertarians have a voice at the table.

We're getting busy....and you're going to start seeing volunteers popping up at all kinds of public events. Be part of the action!!

Let's Come Together Michigan. Bill #MichiganLibertyRising
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan
Bill Gelineau - Libertarian for Governor of Michigan3 weeks ago
Many of you know that as this new campaign begins, my term as Chairman of the LP of Michigan is over soon. In case anyone has an interest in my position on how we should be inclusive of our fellow citizens, please read the post below. Bill

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